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Varicella (Chickenpox) – Juri Fantigrossi
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Varicella (Chickenpox)

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Chickenpox is a very small thing. If you’re young. But if you’re a grownup it can be very dangerous. When Mommy finds out, she starts worrying about Carlo, her son, who still isn’t sick. He’s growing fast, something must soon be done. She needs to find a way to ‘make him’ sick. But: Father agrees?

short film – 2015

director – Fulvio Risuleo

cinematographer – Juri Fantigrossi

14min – color – 1.78:1

super 35 mm – Kodak 5219 – bleach bypass

Arri 535b – Zeiss Standard Speed Prime

Cooke 18-100mm

If you want to see the whole film please contact me